Down South Havanese & Bichon Frise

  Your payment will be processed via paypal.  You do not need a paypal account to use this service. Choose the pay with debit or credit card option when checking out.  There are no paypal fees associated with the initial deposit but there will be a 3% paypal fee added to the final payment.. Your receipt will read Havana Silks Inc.  That is my paypal business account...

 Nonrefundable means just that; nonrefundable regardless of the circumstances, and I am very firm and strict on this policy.   Deposits are non refundable but can be transferred provided you do not get the puppy of your choice but once you commit to a puppy then your deposit is non transferable. Once a deposit has been placed you have entered into a binding contract that you will purchase the puppy you placed the deposit on. It is an agreement that I will not sell that particular puppy to anyone else and that you will purchase that particular puppy.  The puppy will be removed from all listing websites and placed on hold.  This is why deposits are non refundable. One deposit holds one puppy.  I will not transfer a deposit to a different puppy.  All credit, debit, or paypal chargebacks will be considered a breach of contract and will result in a small claims suit filed against you in Conway County Arkansas.  Please be sure you are certain and that you understand and are ok with the terms of placing a deposit before you do so..

If you are placing a deposit on a future litter you must pick your puppy the day I post photos on my site or email them to you.   If you place a deposit to be put on my waiting list for a future litter then pick of that litter is in order of deposits placed.  First deposit gets first pick.  If you pass on that litter then your deposit is applied to the next litter and you will get first pick provided the person is front of you did not do the same thing.  If you find a puppy somewhere else then your deposit to me is nonrefundable.  I will only offer a deposit refund if i am unable to offer you a puppy within 6 months of placing your deposit. This only applies if I was not able to offer the breed or the sex or the color.  It does not apply if you keep passing up pups because you do not like the way they look or personality, etc.. To be placed on the waiting list I need to know the breed, sex, and color if possible. Please be as specific as you can on what you are looking for or open to. 

The price your puppy is listed for when you place your deposit is the price you will pay when you pick up the puppy.

Thank you