Down South Havanese & Bichon Frise

I have been in love with the havanese and the bichon since the minute I laid eyes on my first puppy.  I purchased a sweet chocolate havanese boy 15 years ago.  His name was Truffle.  He was the most lovable dog I had ever had the pleasure of owning.  At the time I did not know that the breed in general was just like Truffle until I got my girl.  Well that was the start of my breeding program.  Fifteen years ago the breed was very rare.  It still is a breed that you do not see often.  When my havanese are out and about everyone wants to know what kind of dog I have.  I say "Havanese" they say "A what, I have never heard of that breed but they are adorable".  I wanted to share this special little non shedding hypoallergenic sociable dog with other families.  The havanese have all the wonderful traits I wanted in a toy size dog.   Super sweet, smart, great with kids, small yet sturdy, quiet, and non shedding.  It came to my attention while doing research that the bichon frise was closely related to the havanese.  This stirred my interest and a few years later I was owned by a sweet pair of bichon frises.   The little bichon has the same wonderful traits as the havanese.  They are both very special little dogs and a treat to have as a part of the family. 

I have been very selective with my breeding program.  I have focused not only on the health and temperament on the two breeds but also on the look.  I breed for what I call the Teddy Bear Face.  That is what sets me apart from all the rest.  My bichon frise are on the smaller side 7 to 10 pounds.  I purposely breed the smaller bichons and havanese with the teddy bear look.  Thank you for considering me to be your breeder of choice.