Down South Havanese & Bichon Frise

There are many scams that you need to watch out for.  Unfortunately my photos are sometimes stolen and used by these scammers.  If you see a photo of one of my pups and it does not direct you to my site then please notify me.  Scammers are often foreign.  They speak with broken english and heavy accents.  They will never take paypal or allow you to use a card.  They do not know about the breed or the pedigree of the puppy so ask a lot of questions. They only take payment in ways where you have no recourse such as money gram or western union.  They sell pups for cheap prices and then will jack up a fake shipping cost.  If it does not sound normal the price is too good to be true or if you have the slightest of doubt then walk away.  

Thank you for taking the first step toward adopting one of my babies.   The first thing you need to do is contact me.  Initially via email or text 5012081248 and then we will set up a time to speak on the phone. 501-893-9829. PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT HOLD A PUPPY WITHOUT A DEPOSIT.  Your opportunity to purchase a puppy is the same as everyone else.  If you wait on more photos, another video, to speak with your husband, etc... you run the risk of the puppy not being available when you come back to take a second look.  It is only fair when more than one person is looking at the same puppy. Please keep in mind.  I am advertising on the world wide web.  So how many families are interested?  Who knows. 

2. Before your place a deposit I need the questions on the puppy application answered and I need you to read the health guarantee and terms and conditions page that are also posted on my website.  You can email me the information.  Once you have placed a deposit, you will need to print off my guarantee and my terms and conditions page and fill in your info and email it back to me.

3.  I will need your name address and phone #.  If you need delivery the charge is an additional $400, and I will send you the info I need to get that process started. I will also send you all the information you will need for pick up. 

4.  If we both reach an agreement on the purchase of a puppy then you will place an initial nonrefundable deposit by clicking on the buy now button on the available puppies page. All transactions are either thru paypal or cash.  No Checks or Money Orders.

5. You will need to set up a vet appointment before you receive your puppy. This is for a wellness check to validate the guarantees. 

6.  Your new puppy will come with an up to date vaccination and worming record. A head to to vet check and clearance. A sample of nutri source small breed puppy food. Copies of the health guarantee.  Breeder support once your new puppy arrives. 

7.  I expect the puppy to be delivered or picked up once he is ready to leave.  I do not offer a boarding service. If you are unable to pick the puppy up or received him on his date of release then a $10 a day boarding fee will apply and I will only hold him for a maximum of 14 days before he will be placed back up for adoption.  I will not offer a refund on the deposit. This is to compensate me for my time and the expense of relisting the puppy.

8.  The deposit you place is for one particular puppy. It is nontransferable. Once you place a deposit on a pup then I will remove the puppy from ads and mark him as SOLD to you.  Should you change your mind once the puppy has been marked as sold the deposit is nonrefundable nor will it be moved to a different puppy. Meaning you can not place a deposit on a puppy expect me to hold him for you then when you arrive should you see a puppy you like better apply your deposit to that one.  I have lost time holding the initial puppy of interest, and it is not fair to the families that saw the puppy sold and chose a different puppy. 

9.  I  meet clients at a neutral public location not my home.  There are many reasons but none of them is because I am hiding anything.  It is a safety matter only.  I have to protect your puppy and the puppies that are sold to other families.  I cannot risk exposing my pups to deadly bacteria and viruses that can be carried onto my property.   I had a family come to look at a puppy and found out they had just left the vet clinic where their puppy had just died of parvo.  At that moment every dog I had was exposed to the deadly parvo virus.  I cannot open my home where my family lives to the public.   If you feel you need to ask me "Are you a puppymill" then I am not the breeder for you.  Please look elsewhere.  It is a very distasteful insulting question to ask a breeder. Thank you