Down South Havanese & Bichon Frise

 Down South Bichon Frise has been breeding the bichon frise for 15 years plus. I breed a very specific bichon. I breed for what I call the Teddy Bear Face. I am the only breeder that is specific for this look, and that has dedicated 15 years of selective breeding to acquire it. My pups have the more full round face rather than a long skinny face. They are more cobby in the body not long. They average to be in the 8 to 10 pound range.  My bichons have an added flare of cuteness.  

My dogs are genetically sound and are backed by a 5 year guarantee. I start a socialization program with my pups the minuted they are born. Some one is always here with my pups and my dogs assessing behaviors and providing love and care 24 hours a day seven days a week. That is the kind of dedication we offer families. It is more important that I match the right family with the right pup than it is about the sell. For this reason I do have an adoption application and process. 

Your puppy will not only come to you with up to date vaccinations, registration, vet exam, and my guarantee but with all the other attributes that go into making an adorable puppy into a wonderful dog. I set the stage and the rest is up to you. I do offer breeder support throughout the process and even after your new puppy has arrived.  Please be sure to view my puppy tips page and the adoption page. 

My breeding standards are high and when it comes to searching for you new family member yours should be too.  Please note that finding the cheapest puppy is not the way to go.  What may be cheap upfront will cost way more in vet bills later on.  I know the time and the expense it takes to put into a healthy well bred puppy.  You do not want to look at a breeder that is cutting corners to save money.  From time to time I will have a puppy marked down.  This is not because the puppy is devalued or is unhealthy.  If the puppy is older than I am more aggressive with offering him or her to a new family.   Thank you for considering me to be your breeder.   

To view the available puppies please choose from the drop down menu.   To start the purchase process please answer the adoption questions,  contact me from my contact page to set up an appointment to speak on the phone and submit the deposit.  Thank you