Down South Havanese & Bichon Frise

There has been a huge surge in online puppy scams in the last months. With the increase in families looking for puppies the scammers have also increased their game as well.  It is terrible and is impacting not only the families searching for pups but also on breeders.  I am hoping to share a few things that will help you in your puppy search and hopefully prevent you from being scammed.  The most important thing you must do in order not to be scammed is understand how they take your money.  Scammers will only accept payment thru cash apps like Zeal and Venmo or western union.  These are platforms that do not protect the buyers money.  Once the money is sent it is gone.  If you want to stay safe you must only send money in a way where it is protected from fraud.  Paypal allows you to use your credit or debit card. All major cards have fraud protection on them.  You have a means to file a claim and get your money back should you not receive the puppy.  I only take Paypal.  I know you have read the ways to avoid being scammed offered by different websites.  They tell you to ask the breeder for photos with signs.  This is not a guarantee you are not getting scammed.  A scammer steals pictures and videos from online ad that breeders post trying to sell their pups.  The scammer will contact a breeder pretending to be interested in purchasing a puppy.  They ask for photos and videos and will ask for photos with signs if they already have a person on the hook.  Once the breeder sends them these things they just send it on to the family they are scamming.  I have been a victim of this tactic.  I found out my photos had been stolen so I contacted the scammer pretending to be interested in the puppy.  I asked for a photo with my name on a piece of paper.  The scammer in return reached out to me pretending to be interested in the puppy and asked for a photo with my name on it.  I sent it to them and then they turned around and sent it back to me.  So you are not protected by asking for additional photos or videos.  Scammers advertise pups really cheap.  This is so that people will fall prey.  The only way to be protected is to make sure the way you pay for your puppy is protected.  Another thing I do is post videos of my puppies.  You can hear my voice in the video.  When you call me and we speak on the phone you will hear that same voice.  I do have an assistant that helps me so you may hear her voice as well but if you view my you tube channel you can find videos with my voice.  I also use a flight nanny service which means you can reach out to them and verify that they work with me in delivering my puppies. I have a facebook page with comments from people who have purchased a puppy from me.   When you have been a victim of a puppy scammer you feel violated and heartbroken.  I understand that completely.  So use good common sense and only pay with your credit card.  If they cannot take paypal then walk away no run away!!!!