Down South Havanese & Bichon Frise

Due to the uncertainty of how Covid 19 will impact Down South Havanese and Bichons,  I am implementing a few new policies that will impact the adoption and deposit requirements of a puppy.   I will take an initial deposit of $300 to secure a puppy in your name.  I am not able to offer shipping at this time and encourage you to pick your puppy up in person.  You will need to make arrangements to personally pick your puppy up or hire a flight nanny or a ground transportation company.  I do not have a flight nanny i can refer so you would need to make those arrangements your self.  I have a driver that can drive a 300 mile one way radius for $450.  If you need a ground shipper to travel further than the only company i know of is called Out of the Box 417-509-7617 ask for Tiffany.  If you choose to use Out Of The Box I cannot offer a health guarantee on the puppy only a genetic guarantee.  The reason is that your puppy may come in contact with other pups that I am not familiar with so there is a risk....Prices will be quoted by the shipping companies.  Hopefully soon I can start offering shipping again...Thank you

I have been asked how am I handling the transaction of meeting in person.  I am handling it the best way I can. 
As a retired RN I have a full understanding of droplet and airborne transmission.  I have been wearing a proper mask if I have go out in public. I am keeping a good social distance and sanitizing my hands often.  I am following the protocols we all are encourage to follow and some.   I will do the same on the day you pickup your puppy and so will the driver should you have your pup delivered.  I am working from home and my family has been staying at home.  I only go out when absolutely necessary and I stress when necessary.  I like to think that everyone here at Down South has been doing their part to keep everyone safe..   Please contact me directly via my contact page should you have any questions or concerns.   Thank you