Down South Havanese & Bichon Frise

Terms and Conditions of Puppy Sell

All sales are final no exceptions.  Deposits applied toward the purchase price of a puppy are nonrefundable or transferable.  No Exceptions!!  This is to cover the cost of holding the puppy and relisting the puppy.  I will not hold a puppy without a secure deposit.  Please note delivery charges are never refunded.   Should you decide to return your puppy to me for whatever reason all shipping charges will be at buyer’s expense.  I will not refund the price of the puppy, nor am I obligated to offer a replacement puppy should a buyer decide to return a puppy unless the reason for the return falls under the guarantee.  Seller will only pay for the cost of sending a replacement puppy. Once a deposit is placed on a puppy then I will assign a tentative date for delivery or pick up called the date of release.  I do have the right to change the date of release provided I or my veterinarian feels the puppy is not ready to leave.  A change of release date is not a reason for a refund of the deposit.   I cannot and will not guarantee the adult size, color, or disposition of your puppy.  If I am asked to board, or hold a puppy past the age of nine weeks old, or past the age of ready a $10 per day boarding fee will apply.  If you do not pick up your puppy on the day we agree then a $10 a day boarding fee will apply until you are able to get him.  If the puppy is not picked up or delivered 30 days after the release date, then said puppy will be placed for adoption and all money applied toward the purchase of the dog and boarding will be retained with no refunds.  All puppies are sold on a limited registration paper and are to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age.  I will hold registration papers at my discretion until proof of spay or neuter by a licensed vet has been sent to me.  I will then mail the registration papers to you.  I do not offer any registration information including copies until I have received proof of spay or neuter.  I will only take cash as form of payment when you are picking your puppy up in person.     Your signature or the purchase of a puppy from me is an acknowledgement and an agreement of the terms and conditions of the sale.  On the day you pick your puppy up I will meet you at a neutral public location.  Any breach of the terms of this agreement will result in legal action.   Any legal dispute will be filed and held in Conway County Arkansas.   Thank you